Welcome to GovCamp

GovCamp Canberra is a one day event to bring together leaders and experts across the public sector, academia, industry and society to talk about innovation in government.

GovCamp was held in Canberra on Thursday, 6 June 2013. GovCamp was livestreamed and video content is available on demand.

Over the past twelve months public sector innovation has become more social. There is a greater willingness to work across organisational boundaries, a greater willingness to engage with the community and to use the wonderful technologies available to us.

Innovation, public service reform and the Open Government agenda are more intertwined than ever before. What is emerging is a strategic mosaic underpinned by practical communities of practice. Some of these communities are formal, others have emerged due to the work of like minded individuals who freely donate their expertise and thinking to public good. This is reflected in a number of events which will occur throughout APS Innovation Month 2013.

In the current climate of fewer resources and rapidly shifting community expectations, innovation is shifting to centre stage. The same is true of the need to create and tap into the communities. This is created by the enthusiasm and talents of individuals, irrespective of where they work or who they represent.

GovCamp embodies this sense of community – of people engaging and working together to create a day where we all walk away with new ideas, learning, connections and inspiration. Your contributions to GovCamp, both during and after the day, demonstrate how bringing together formal and informal communities can build an innovation ecosystem across the public service.

We have a long way to go, but the good thing is that we have all embarked on this journey.

GovCamp themes

The themes for GovCamp were:

  • Inspiring innovation
  • Empowering people
  • Liberating capability

Inspiring innovation
Explore what we need to do to inspire innovation. What would you do to inspire others? What would you change to better inspire others? How do we make innovation within the public sector more social? What boundaries do we need to cross to better collaborate?

Empowering people
Empowered people lay at the core off innovation. So how do we make sure that the day-to-day experience of work is empowering for every individual public servant? Get to play, explore and present.

Liberating capability
How do we better integrate our organizational capabilities and those of our people. What do we actually need, but do not have? What do we have, but do not need? What mix of capabilities will help us best meet the need to innovate?